RevitaLash Double-Ended Volume Set - Primer & Mascara


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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

My absolute new fave mascara! No clumps - no smudging - stays on all day! Lashes look amazing :)

Such a great idea

I use Revitalash so my lashes are super long now, but they’re really light in colour so I need a good mascara to maximise my investment in the Revitalash. This primer-mascara duo is a cool little product, applying the blue primer first makes such a difference to how long and dark my lashes look when I apply the mascara over the top. Genius product in my opinion!

Best mascara and primer!

This is the best mascara primer combo I've tried. The revitalash mascara and primer used to be sold individually but this is even better as they have combined it into one (it's double ended, primer on one end and mascara on the other). I've used primers before but they have always been white and have made my lashes look clumpy and a little grey - but not this one. The primer is a dark indigo, the wand coats the lashes well and the indigo colour really does intensify the look of the mascara. The mascara is easy to apply, it goes on with a single stroke and the wand separates the lashes well. I liked it so much I got it for my mum as well who is also a fan (she said it's better than her luxury brand one!).